WebTrends Analytics 9 Review

February 28, 2010

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New Enterprise Web Analytics Solution

Having a just a successful e-commerce website will most likely won’t be enough for to keep up with the rising competition. These days more and more companies compete for the same market in different niches. To come out top, you’ll need the right Internet marketing tools, which will help you better understand your online business and make smart decisions using the valuable data those tools tracks. For that reason, almost every e-commerce website applies some kind of web analytics software. One of the most successful enterprise web analytics solutions is called WebTrends Analytics 9.

WebTrends utilizes innovative technologies, some are patented to WebTrends only, which give the company an edge over its competitors. Aiming to help medium-large companies to understand their customers and business opportunities online. In this article, we’ll review WebTrends Analytics 9 Real-time web analysis SaaS, which powered by WebTrends powerful data aggregation engine. We will also cover the Analytics 8.7 Software, which provides a self-hosted solution for many companies who want to host the collected data on their servers.

WebTrends Analytics 9 Features

Webtrends Analytics 9WebTrends Analytics 9 is a robust SaaS web data analysis solution, one of many other business optimization products, which WebTrends offers to its faithful customers. The main advantage of Analytics 9 solution, it that it offers Real-Time online website tracking of your company’s website traffic. By giving the website owner to have a live view of its website activities, every customer can react to different trends on the fly, without waiting for the data to be collected, analyzed and then after an hour or two, to be displayed for him and act upon.

Here are some of the main features in WebTrends Analytics 9:

  • Real-Time collection of data and display and evaluate of key metrics and KPI.
  • Instant alert when key metrics exceeds its limits, through email, SMS, RSS (secured) or via twitter messages.
  • Review site metrics in live Excel report, taken from live updates.
  • Export and distribute website’s data reports using a unique URL, CSV or using Webtrend’s API to access the data.
  • Attach notes to various data elements (like Google Analytics annotations), so you can easily follow specific trends and share them via RSS feeds.
  • An Analytics 9 iPhone app which allows you to view your website metrics using your iPhone app from everywhere.
  • It designed to scale, suitable for very large traffic websites.
  • Cross-domain tracking for tracking your website visitors across several different domains.
  • WebTrends 9 Does not use Flash (Compared to Google Analytics, which does rely on both Flash & Javascript), only HTML, CSS and Javascript code. Therefore, runs on different devices that do not support Adobe Flash. Furthermore, it offers an alternate solution for Javascript disabled browsers, so it will downgrade without losing the interface functionality.
  • RSS-enabled overlays and Story View

One of the most interesting features which I like in Analytics 9 is called Story View. Story view automatically takes your analytics reports and turns them to be short narrative (like a story board) for emails, company’s presentations and other purposes that you find fit. It provided the user with a easy-to-understand approach, that graphs and chart just can’t provide. You can even export the Story View to Microsoft Word document, PowerPoint and some other popular formats.

Make Better Marketing Decisions

At the end of the day, you want to know that you have chosen the most appropriate  live analytics SaaS or software analytics solution for your business, and know that you have the best and the most detailed insight look at what is happening in your website. In order to know and understand your customers, choosing WebTrends Analytics 9 is one of the better marketing decisions that you can make to improve your business conversion rate. There are some great success stories for companies using Analytics 9.

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Identify key visitors and make smart marketing decisions!

Some real-time web analytics solutions tend to be very complicated and difficult to adopt to. WebTrends Analytics 9 was made to be extensive and yet very simple to learn and manage. If you come from Google Analytics or other web analytics software solutions, you will feel right at home. Whether you’ve decided to compare campaign performance via various marketing channels, add alerts for data spikes, keeping track of visitors in real-time, and analyzing every step that your visitors do, WebTrends Analytics 9 is among the best web analytics solutions out there.

Self-Hosted vs. SaaS Enviroment

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Self-hosted or SaaS enviroment solution, what would you choose?

WebTrends’ Analytics is offered also as self-hosted Analtics software (Analytics 8.7 Software). There are many reasons why using a self-hosted analytics software like analytics 8.7 is the optimal solution for your company. Trusted by many U.S. federal agencies in comparison to other analytic solutions, you know that a self-hosted solution brings you a peaceful state of mind. You know that the data stays secured on your servers, so no one can get access to it, but you. The data is safe behind your company’s firewall, and you can make periodical backups of the data and store them on offline storage servers inside your company’s boundaries.

When you use self-hosted web analytics software, you can control the analysis of the data, configure the data and have it scalable in your hosting environment, or wherever you decide to host the software.

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On the other hand, using Analytics 9 on demand product, gives you plenty of useful tools that you can take advantage of:

  • API for Data extraction and data collection.
  • REST URLs for presenting reports online.
  • Analytics 9 Insight is presented as a separate (by login) service. It utilizes an intuitive data visualization user interface, which let you unveil¬† business trends and marketing related opportunities using the data that was collected by the tracker.
  • Scalability – No limit on the amount of data that can be collected.
  • No down time.
  • and much more.

WebTrends has added some very useful features, such as: REST URLs, Insight Interface, RSS Overlay, Story View, Live Excel Dashboards and more. Many companies have valuable, sometime very confidential data, that they don’t want any one to know about. We won’t be exaggerating if we say that Analytics 8.7 software is the best self-hosted real-time analytics solution on the market today. Just by making a comparison between competing live self-hosted web analytics solutions, you can clearly see the advantaged WebTrends Analytics 8.7 has. The on demand solution is perfect for people that are less envy for their data, and don’t care hosting it on SaaS environment. You will enjoy the scalability of the on demand solution and also take use of the API for data collection and extraction, that is available for developers only on the on demand product.

WebTrends vs. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is in all probabilities a better solution for small sites with consumer web analytics needs. If you compare the two web analytics solutions, both Google analytics and WebTrends Analytics 9, you can see that the later, was intentionally focused on the enterprise market. The differences are in the high resolution metrics abilities and the ability to self-host the data collected by the Javascript tracker and store them on self-hosted environments, in comparison to only SaaS environment solutions. WebTrends offer both (SaaS & Self-hosted), which gives the company an early advantage over other competitors, which utilizes only one solution.

Google Analytics is a free web analytics solution. Therefore, appeal more to the consumer market. Google Analytics is being improved continuously by Google, and more advanced features appear every year, reducing the main advantages and differences between those two solutions. Some major companies has chosen Google Analytics because of the new enhancement and enterprise tools, that were wisely chosen and implemented in Google’s own Analytics solution.

For the favor of Google analytics, it is a very easy to implement in comparison to WebTrends and consume less time configuring it. If the main features you are interested in include advanced segmentation data analysis across many different domains which you own, you have probably better considering the paid option given by WebTrends.

Professional & Flexible Web Analytics Solution

WebTrends Analytics 9 is highly recommended for medium-large companies, who want an on demand SaaS environment, real-time enterprise web analytic solution for their business.You know that you get a trusted and a reliable solution that you should expect from such a premium highly customizable product. Gaining more leads, elevate your website revenue, Return-of-Investment (ROI), conversion rate, choosing Analytics 9 is one of the smartest moves that you can make to help your online business grow. The ability to choose between two solutions (8.7 software and 9 on demand versions), give you more flexible solutions for different online businesses of yours.  Fore more features, visit WebTrends Analytics 9 features page.