Visitor Segmentation video tutorial for beginners – Personyze

December 20, 2010

in Personyze

I’ve made my first video tutorial on how to create a new visitor segment in Personyze. In the video I explain (in my not that great English :) ) how to create a simple segment in Personyze’ segment building tool called “Profiler”. In the first part I go through the basic settings that you should know prior to creating a new segment.  In Personyze there are “Event Rows” which define a chronological execution order for the segment, if it is built using more than one even row. The segment itself it just a simple segment. If you are having problem creating a segment in Personyze, I think that this video tutorial will help you start creating segments in just a few minutes.

OK, enough talking, let’s go to the video itself…

YouTube Preview Image

* The type of segment itself was for demonstration only.

I will post more videos soon. Stay tuned!