Conversion Rate Optimization using Behavioral Targeting Solutions

March 9, 2011

in Conversion Rate Optimization

Online business owners try many kind of conversion optimization techniques in order to increase leads and sales on their website. There are many ways in which you can optimize conversions on your website, one of them is using behavioral targeting, multivariate testing and A/B testing, as well as usability analysis and sales funnel optimization. Int this article I want to explain to you how you can optimize conversion rate using behavioral targeting and On-site personalization.

When we raise the term “behavioral targeting” or “behavioral marketing”, we usually refer to advertisement optimization that is done using targeted ads. Many online business owners advertise on Google Adwords as their main ads campaign.  Some advertisers spend thousands of dollars each day, driving a lot of targeted traffic from both Google Adwords website based ads and Organic search based ads.

Here is a video that explains about the five levels of conversion optimization:

YouTube Preview Image

Site personalization sits at the top of the pyramid of “five levels of conversion optimization” as you can see. There are many other things that should be taken care of  in order to get good results. You start from the bottom and build your way up. As you ca see from the video, the top two (Intuitive and Persuasive) are the hardest ti implement.

When you run an online campaign, one of the things that you do track its performance (i.e., conversion rate [CTR], bounce rate, etc.) using various metrics using Web Analytics solutions. There are two aspects that you should be taking care of:  Onsite optimization and Ads optimization. Ad optimization means that you are creating an ad that can attracts more clicks, though attracting more visitors to your website. Onsite optimization means that you are taking care of the landing page from which the visitor arrives after clicking a Google Adwords campaign (can be any other campaign, not just Adwords).

Using behavioral targeting platforms, we can optimize conversions by simply present relevant and unique content for different segment of visitors.

A little story..

Let say that you have decided to open a new ad campaign for a new Laptop computer that is on sale on your website.  You have decided that you target this campaign for visitors from the United States.  After a few days you notice that their is a large traffic that comes from long tail organic searches from Google Search engine, where you campaign’s ad appears. You also notice that the bonce rate is around 80%.  The conversion rate stand on 0.45%.

You feel upset and mad because a lot of money was spent on that campaign and the conversion rate is very poor. You have decided that t needs some kind of optimization process, something that will lower the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate.

You hire a conversion optimization specialist that will help you with that goal.  The specialist install a behavioral targeting and site personalization JavaScript code on your website to track traffic statistics and be able to make some changes. What the conversion’s optimization did was trying to optimize your campaign’s landing pages in order to elevate conversions and lower the bounce rate.

On of the thing that he did was to segment visitors based on their native language and organic searched keywords that represents the keyword/phrase that the use have searched in Google before they clicked your ad.  After he or she finished segmenting your traffic , the conversion optimization expert now create A/B tests to analyze different landing page variations. Hopefully, at the end of the testing process we will know what landing page leads to more conversions.

Using site personalization you can easily serve different content for different segment of visitors using pro-active measures. That means that you have total control of the content that you serve to different segment of visitors, and you can easily do that by utilizing specific tools that even your designer can use, without knowing HTML or programming.  You might invite your IT guy for a coffee, but your won’t need him for doing site personalization tasks. If you read my blog you know that one of my favorite site personalization tools is Personyze and BTBuckets. Both served me very well in the past year.

So as you can see from the above “story”,  you can use segmentation and site personalization actions in order to optimize conversions with your online Google Adwords Campaigns. Many people use Google Analytics to analyze the data and use Google Optimizer to test the effectiveness of their landing pages. Even so, you can’t create actions using Google Analytics and further than that, Google Analytics isn’t a real-time website statistics platform. The best thing about GA is that it’s free and offers many advanced features that you might not find elsewhere.

So If you are searching for Conversion optimization services, you might take a look as some of the latest behavioral targeting and site personalization services, which are being offered by Personyze and BTBuckets.  Personyze also have a tight integration with Google Adwords so you can optimize conversions by controlling your campaigns (stop/pause or shutdown low performing campaigns) from within Personyze administrative console.

Don’t forget to view the video above, so you can investigate further options on how to optimize conversions on your website. Good luck!