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May 3, 2010

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HeatMaps Analytics and Beyond..

We haven’t written a single word (as far as I remember) on ClickTale Customer Experience Analytics (CEA) solutions, and I think now its a good time to do so. In this review, I will cover the majority of services which ClickTale offers to its customers. Let’s get started right away.

Clicktale logo

ClickTale Company Logo

ClickTale offers some unique and useful web analytics solutions that some of them defer from what we use to see on the web now days.  ClickTale has several solutions, which are organized into smaller niche analytics subjects according to their website’s (  homepage.

  • Behavior Analytics
    • Visitor Recording
    • Mouse Move Heatmaps
    • Click Heatmaps
    • Attention Heatmaps
    • Scroll Reach Heatmaps
  • Conversion Anayltics
    • Advanced Filtering
    • Form Analytics
    • Link Analytics
    • Custom Alerts
  • Marketing Analytics
    • Real Time Monitor
    • Campaign Tracking
    • Page Reports
    • Demographics

I know, lots of different solutions with different functionality, but stay with me, while I will uncover the juicy details behind each analytical product, which ClickTale offers. Believe me, its worth the ride!

Here is a short video demonstration of ClickTale:

YouTube Preview Image

So the main benefits of using ClickTale:

  1. Minimize Shopping cart abandonment
  2. Maximize online form completion
  3. Optimize landing page design
  4. Run Inexpensive usability tests

Behavior Analytics

monster illustrationToday we can see more web analytics products that the phrase “Behavior Analytics” is mentioned in them.  Behavioral Analytics software collects behavioral data. That means that instead of just grabbing the data about conversions/sells for a specific customer or tracking the visitor/customer general web stats details, it actually involves capturing customer events and actions as they interact with various elements within your website.

After that, the software can go through those events and actions and try to find out patterns that can afterward present and suggest (this can be done manually by the user or automatically via sophisticated BI algorithms) specific behavioral segments that can be set and used in order to target specific visitors based on their behavior (also called behavioral targeting) and therefore better understand the building blocks of marketing strategies needed to be taken in order to promote sells, better understand your website visitors and customers, elevate ROI and Conversions of your online business.

So lets see what Behavior Analytics tools ClickTale provides:

  • Visitor Recordings – a unique visitor’s’ session video recording, which actually records all your visitor interactions with your website. Whether its mouse activities, button clicks, different browsing page patterns, etc. You actually see everything that the user has fulfilled on your webpage! – This will help you better visualize and understand your visitor’s browsing habits, so you can spot problems with your website design.Here is a YouTube video help guide on how to playback a visitor’s browser session:YouTube Preview Image
  • Mouse Move Heatmaps – Mouse move heatmaps have been in the market for some time. They are not vastly used and not as popular as other real-time web analytics tools, but they are probably the most important and easy to use ones. Mouse move heatmaps helps website owners to accurately conduct eye-tracking, which will  eventually provide a visual representation of what the visitors of your website are focused at while browsing through your web pages.YouTube Preview ImageMouse Move heatmaps are widely used in the web usability industry and therefore, are more favorite among medium-large businesses. The product was also quite pricey a few years ago, and not so many website owners implemented it. Now the price of heatmaps solutions has gone down (probably because of the competition and the prices of hosting the data on cloud servers), so now it is more affordable and many website owners have been implemented the “mouse move heatmaps” solution on their website to get to a greater insight on what interest there on-line visitors/customers.
    ClickTale Mouse moev heatmap

    ClickTale's Mouse Move HeatMap

  • Attention Heatmaps – A unique product to ClickTale. Attention Heatmaps are different from mouse move heatmaps, in that they are targeted for specific website areas. The website is parted into several areas, that can be the header, footer, sidebar and the content area, or any other UI arrangement. You can clearly see (using overlay colors) which content your visitors are giving more attention and, which is less valuable to your visitors. You can even use the Attention heatmaps top properly position your Google Adsense ads at the places which are more of an interest, so you can in all likelihood elevate your ad clicks and therefore, your Google Adsense revenues.

    Attention heatmap

    ClickTale's Attention HeatMap

  • Scroll Reach Heatmaps – I think this feature is quite useful for this long review. Scroll Reach Heatmaps will help you to know how far the visitor has scrolled down the page before abandoning it.  You will realize that in some pages, you better optimize them by making them briefer. ClickTale noted that it is especially crucial for e-commerce sites with product details. Just figure out what happens when you write a long overview about a product in a specific product page, and the user doesn’t get to see the “Add to Cart” button, for example, You missed a sell!Furthermore, You can also increase your ad revenue in the same way as used in the Attention heatmaps, by placing your ads in the most optimized place.There are Adsense Publishers that put Adsense ads in the footer of their website, thinking that they can maximize their Adsense revenue when they put it there. If it works or not, it is highly recommended that you use a Scroll reach heatmaps solution in order to find out how many users even get to see the ad at the footer. Of course this is just one example of the great goals that you can achieve by using ClickTale’s Scroll reach heat map.

    Scroll reach heatmap

    ClickTale's Scroll Reach Hitmap

  • Click Heatmaps – probably the most precised visitor clicks visualizing tool on the market today. There are several companies who created very similar tools, but I personally prefer ClickTale’s Click Heatmaps as the perfect companion to my web analytics software. So what Click Heatmaps are good for? – Well, you can use the tool to see how many clicks have been made on a specific campaign banner, see which areas on the pages are less likely to be clicked and invite attention from your website visitors. But that’s not all. You can easily conduct A/B testing using the ClickTale Click Heatmaps and therefore (if done right) elevate conversions.

    Click HeatMap

    ClickTale's Click HeatMap

    If you use Adsense ads on your website, you can really understand what is the optimal place to put the ads on your website, you want those clicks, right?

These are the Behavior Analytics tools provided by ClickTale company. Every tool can be used on any kind of website, but I think that e-commerce website will probably will make the best benefit from using this tool.

Conversion Analytics

1 dollar bills with percent signClickTale conversion analytics tools provide comprehensive forms, funnel, links and alert functionality, which take on the customer point of view, and help you get insight of all the most significant factors, which lead to conversion and are responsible for any e-commerce profit, and therefore, it is very consequential to track, analyze and optimize those aspects.

Here are the various Conversion Analytics tools, which will assist you to accomplish your online marketing and conversion goals:

  • Form Analytics – A fully comprehensive analytics suite from ClickTale, which has one goal in mind; To help you increase your online from performance. You probably ask yourself “What forms are good for?”. Well, form helps your company to collect important data about your website visitors and customers. Whether the form is about user opinion, contact us, bug report or transaction details submission and so on.
    Conversion report diagram

    ClickTale Form Analytics Conversion Report diagram

    Forms are one of the most valuable places on the website. The reason is, it’s in there, where the user willingly submits data from its personal computer to the company’s server, directly to your online database for permanent storage (depends on the data of course). ClickTale Form Analytics provides detailed reports like: conversion report, drop report, time, blanks and refill reports.

  • Advanced Filtering – This is my favorite analytical tool ClickTale advanced filtering analytical tool, enables website owners to track, analyze and discover the funnels (channels), which leads to more conversions and the funnels that have the higher return of investment (ROI).
    dashboard with statistical charts image

    Advanced Filtering

    Furthermore, you will be able to identify relatively weak spots, that cause customers to leave the business process, probably due to complexity, wrong web design, bugs, slow page loading, etc. Those funnels then can be analyzed and optimized to increase sales, conversions and ROI in the future.Using ClickTale advanced filtering analytics tool will help you really understand what people are leaving your website in a simple and intuitive tool.

  • Link Analytics – This ClickTale overlay tool will yield better insight on how visitors are directly interacting with the hyperlinks on your pages. So what this tool really gives you? – It will give you statistical information about hyperlink’s clicks, hovers, time to click, hover time, hesitation (from the first time the user has placed the mouse on the hyperlink until he/she clicks it),  etc.

    Click, Hovers, Hover Order

    Link Analytics overlay - accurate data related to your website Hyperlinks

  • Custom Alerts – Analyzing, tracking and visualizing every fragment of data is very important, but getting the chance to know about specific events on the website in real-time is crucial for many e-commerce websites. ClickTale calls it “Custom Alerts”, and basically we are talking about an email custom alert, that will be sent when a customer has completed or dropped out a conversion channel or any business process that you have successfully created in Advanced filtering.TIP: I have been using my Google Nexus One Android device to connect to my email account and when an email has reached my mail, a beep sound alerts me for new mail. You can do this to, by just utilizing the custom alerts tool with any smartphone device, you can get an immediate alert when a conversion was made on your e-commerce site.

ClickTale conversion analytics tools are particularly important for e-Commerce websites. Every piece of data that you can subtract, can give you an edge over your competitors. Just imaging how much you can vastly improve your website conversions if you just knew specifically what’s wrong with your web pages? – These are must-have analytics tools, that I am sure that they will help you achieve better conversion, increase ROI and help your website be more successful in comparison to what it is right now.

Marketing Analytics

Pie chart on chartMonitoring your website traffic to collect visitor data, is the first and foremost thing that any website owners comprehend Building online marketing strategies, campaigns, advertising, all of those requires that you have detailed and accurate reports, so you know in which path you should be more likely to invest more of your company’s annual budget.

ClickTale offers marketing analytics products that will give you the right tools to complete those goals. Real-time monitoring, campaign tracking, page reports and complete demographic data analysis. ClickTale marketing tools will help any online marketer to fully understand where the company’s money should be invested. By understanding where the conversions are coming from in terms of demographic data, what are the strongest landing pages that lead to more conversions, what campaigns lead to more conversions, etc. Online marketers will have the right tools they need in order to conduct better marketing decisions for the company they work for, and at the bottom line, “Increase the company’s revenue.”.

Ok, now let’s see what ClickTale offers to us, shall we?

  • Real Time Monitor -This is a valuable feature that we start seeing on every new web analytics SaaS/software solutions in 2010.  Now website owners can track visitors in real-time, and needn’t way for the data to be available after minutes, hours or days later. You can take full advantage of the real-time monitor to conduct usability tests, track specific visitors on specific pages, react fast to any changes that might lead to lose of profit, etc. Of course consider that many of those systems are not built on an automatic pilot, and some of them needs attention in order to analyze the data in real-time and react to it as soon as possible.  So the advantages of real-time web analytics software are arguable, and many people who use real-time (live) web analytics products, most of them don’t take advantage of it.
  • Campaign Tracking -Staring a wide email campaign? – You got to the right place. By using ClickTale campaign tracking tool, you can track email campaigns more easily and get better demographic insight, check your website subscribers online behavior, use extensive reporting that lets you see how well your email campaign is, etc.Many people are searching for a solution that will enable them to track conversions from email marketing campaigns. Using ClickTale campaign tracking tool, you can achieve just that. You will see what communication channels lead to better conversions and target your marketing campaigns to those channels to elevate conversions. Don’t under estimate the power of this tool. If you have an e-commerce website, this is probably one the most important tools that you should add to your list.
  • Page Reports – ClickTale page reports give you important statistics, which are related to your website page statistics.  Every web analytics software has those.
    So what insight you should get by using ClickTale’s page reports?
    You will know the most and the least clicked and visited pages on your website. You will clearly see what pages attract them most attention (also called engaging pages). Page’s reports will help you better optimize your landing pages in order to convert more.
  • Demographics – One of the most important metrics for online advertising, search engine optimization and landing pages creation is demographic information. Using ClickTale demographics analytics tools, you get a complete analysis data of your website visitors, based on their demographic data that is being collected by the tracker. Why spend thousand of dollars on campaigns in specific countries where the conversion rate is very low? – In order to save money and prevent the expenses of low ROI campaigns, you should clearly understand the demographic distribution of your customers in terms of specific metrics, which are valuable to your marketers.Using ClickTale demographics statistical reports, you will also get statistical information like visitor language, country of origin of the visitor, browser version, operating system, screen size, etc. Get insight of the preferred spoken languages of your customers. Even if they shop on your website in English, maybe they read product page in different languages?I guess that you got the point, and you understand the importance of demographic data for your marketing decisions and also for the usability guys inside your company.


Wow, that was long! – I think that ClickTale Customer Experience Analytics deserve that attention. I think that ClickTale gave more attention about how to provide the data using different visualization methods, that allow to people to instantly comprehend the data without going through a table full with numbers.

Finally a set of useful web analytics and site usability testing tools, which really visualize website statistical data and visitor’s behavior to help website owners,  designers and online marketers ,achieve fast and accurate website management, marketing and design decisions which are crucial for any online business.

I recommend everybody to try their 30-day money back guarantee trial and see if the product fits your company’s online business needs. In general, you can choose between 3 plans Gold, Silver, Bronze and a Free plan.  Every plan has is limitations in terms of pageviews, the number of domains you can track, etc. ClickTale also offers an Enterprise Solution for companies who get more than 1,000,000 pageviews/month.

For more information:

ClickTale homepage – the official hompage of ClickTale, Customer Experience Analytics.

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